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Fairy Lights Spirit Tree Lamp

Fairy Lights Spirit Tree Lamp

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✨ Fairy Light Spirit Tree Lamp

This Fairy Lights Spirit Tree Lamp adopts a simple shape and presents various shapes with soft lines. Break the dullness of the space and bring warmth and agility to your little home. Warm white lighting and shiny metal finishes. Use it as a bedside table, desk or dining table, making it the focal point of party or wedding decoration.

🌿 Adjustable Tree Branch

Branches of the fairy tree is made of copper wires with great flexibility. These wires can easily bend and adjust the shape of the tree you like and create a very wonderful, customizable centerpiece for your home decor. Whether you prefer a whimsical, twisting design or a more elegant and symmetrical arrangement, the adjustable tree branch allows you to bring your creative vision to life. Its adaptability makes it perfect for adding a touch of enchantment to any space, and its durable copper construction ensures it will remain a charming addition for years to come.

🌟 Fairy Lights Spirit Tree Lamp have a wide range of uses:

Our Fairy Lights Spirit Tree Lamp have a wide range of uses, from adding a magical ambiance to your bedroom or living room to enhancing the atmosphere at special events such as weddings, parties, or holiday celebrations. With LED lights that generate no heat, it's the ideal addition to the bedside of any child. They can also be used as unique and eye-catching nightlights for children's rooms, as captivating centerpieces for dinner parties, or even as creative decor for outdoor gatherings. With their versatility and enchanting glow, these lamps are sure to elevate any space or occasion.

🔌 Dual Power Options

Brighten up a room with the Fairy Lights Spirit Tree Lamp. This unique lamp is both USB and battery-powered, offering perfect lighting and flexibility for every space. Put it in bedroom, living room, or office for a modern touch.

✋ Touch switch

This Fairy Lights Spirit Tree Lamp is the perfect decorative touch for any room. Its convenient touch switch makes it easy to turn on and off, giving you the perfect level of illumination. Create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion!

🎁 Great Gift Idea 

This lamp makes for a delightful and unique gift for birthdays, holidays, or housewarming parties. Share the magic of the Fairy Light Spirit Tree with your loved ones.

📏 Specifications:

  • Material: Copper, Plastic
  • Color of Branches Wrapping: Silver
  • Item Dimensions: 24.4 Inches
  • Item Weight: 11.3 Ounces

Bring a touch of enchantment into your life with the Fairy Light Spirit Tree LED Lamp. Order yours today and let the magic begin! 🌟🌳✨

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